Ariel Pink – May 8th, 2015 at Cine El Rey


The madman, the genius, the horrible: Los Angeles California’s ARIEL PINK will make his McAllen TX debut on Thursday, May 8th, 2015 at the Historic Cine El Rey Theatre. Purchase tickets to this show via Ticketfly here or at Melhart Music Center. This is an all ages show. Read more below.

A genius is either born uncomfortably out of his time, or born discomfortingly within it. This idea veils the lofi-Baroque master that is Ariel Pink, an artist in a constant state of tossing (or getting tossed out) within the social and critical realms of the latter. In his time, which we are still in, Ariel Pink has been branded as the godfather of the modern lo-fi and chill-wave movement. The label was, and still is, just, as Pink’s earliest release on Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label was passed around in underground circles and a source of inspiration – or competition, for some of chillwaves earliest forbearers in 2003. But the label now does not fully grasp the true reach of Pink’s achievements.

Since the release of Pink’s critical breakout, Before Today in 2010, the songwriter has subverted the formula of ‘peaking’ or ‘fading into irrelevance’ by living out his artistry with the sometimes satirical, arguably controversial, but always focused and meticulous grasp on his artistry. His 2012 follow up, Mature Themes could be imagined as a more genre bending take on Before Today, with equal amount of poise, genre collaging, and psycho-pop sensibility. But Pink’s magnum opus (in my opinion) would be released in November of 2014, with his first self-titled (though with the same backing band) album, Pom Pom.  If Before Today and Mature Themes melted genres, Pom Pom created one of its own with its amalgamation of lo-fi recording techniques and Baroque-esque orchestration. The song-writing genius found in Pink’s previous efforts remains, but has grown even more comfortable, and at the same discomforting, within its space on the album’s expansive realms of psyho-pop, chill wave, and polished madness that may aptly be defined simply in genre as Ariel Pink.

We couldn’t be more psyched to have this dude finally make his South Texas debut this May. Friends, as always, spread the word on this huge gain for South Texas!




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