Un-stale: post-show media – Warm Soda

On Saturday, July 14 2014, a very cool gathering of people came together to check out a solid lineup of pop in it’s different colors and mutations. The lineup took place at Cine El Rey, and featured the debut of Sun Rash (k-records-esque post-pop – [I don’t know what i’m saying]), Diosdelghetto (electronic / ambient pop), Melissa Carver (full band and golden alt-pop ala why is Melissa still not signed to Saddle Creek), Peppermint (POP by way of synths and smarts), and Matthew Melton’s power-pop vessel, WARM SODA. The night was loaded with bursts of teenage angst (by teens and ‘adults’ alike, via mosh-pits), spilt glasses of scotch and tonic, and a generally healthy and positively friendly disposition amongst supporters of these visions.

Photographer Joe Hernandez was on hand to capture the last three acts and has shared his snaps of the night. Thanks so much again to Hernandez for shooting the night and for all artists, friends, and patrons who loaded this night with an incredible vibe. Here are the pics:

MELISSA CARVER (full band)


IMG_0085 IMG_0119 IMG_0126 IMG_0138


IMG_0213 IMG_0239 IMG_0253 IMG_0255 IMG_0264 IMG_0278


IMG_0314 IMG_0346 IMG_0359 IMG_0362 IMG_0389 IMG_0397 IMG_0411


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