Writing about bands and artists can be awful. It’s like trying to knit a scarf in the summer for a friend you’ve never met that didn’t ask for one. You can only hope they’re down with it, otherwise you’re knitting nothing into thin air, and, at best, judged for that, if done decently. So, here – I don’t know, ~surprise: here’s Beth Israel, an art-punk band based out of Austin signed to Dull Tools, a niche label run by Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts.

Emerson once wrote about how consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. I don’t believe he was referring to daily routine, but rather opening a one-sided discussion on challenging those to break the realms of their comfort and explore new thoughts, ideas, output, what have you. This is Beth Israel, in a sense – hobgoblin killers.Their recent release, Dental Denial, is only consistent on two realms – 1) it’s consistently Beth Israel, which is also – 2) it is not consistent. At times the album weaves into lo-fi pop with warm guitar driven melodies, at other times it’s almost comedically bleak, at other times it’s harrowing living room show // beer stained carpet psych punk. You can listen to it all here.

I’m talking about Beth Israel so much because I like sharing. Also, because I invited them to play an all ages show in McAllen on Saturday, June 21st 2014 at SPACE 16TH. They said yes, and will be playing with a damn good lineup of regional pop cavaliers in their own sense, including Japanese to English, The Puzzles, Blocked Numbers, King Shark and the Bucket of Water, and the debut of OIL.

Beth Israel – “Dead Bodies”

Beth Israel – “Wise Acre”

Beth Israel – “Keep Your Lights Lower”.

6.21.14loresListen to Like Japanese to English here.

Listen to the Puzzles here:

Listen to Blocked Numbers here:

Listen to OIL here:


Venue: SPACE 16TH (corner of 16th and Dallas Ave, McAllen TX)
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $6
Doors: 8pm
Music: 9pm
Japanese to English
The Puzzles
Blocked Numbers
King Shark & the Bucket of Water

As with every post, I can’t express enough thanks for the support. Attending these shows does not support this site / me / ca$h flow, so please drive that deranged idea off a cliff. It’s just really cool to come to an all ages show with a diversity not only with genres but with geographies and cultures. This summer has been great, and more is lined up, so please keep up.



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