Post-show media: PROTOMARTYR at Cine El Rey

It’s a familiar feeling. It happens when the warm South Texas Spring begins to unfurl into a thick colcha of summer heat in early April; Glass Candy’s ‘GETO BOYS’ bops in my head, and Ida No’s whispery lyric is the hazy theme for the next 6 months: “this summer is going to be sick”.  It’s a glitz-hop anthem that loops when I stare into a summer lineup of shows I start booking at that time. And this year, No’s line couldn’t glow with any more truth when contemplating all the fucking great bands and artists that have played the valley so far this season.

One of said shows happened May 29th at Cine El Rey’s very young upstairs / balcony / ceiling / loft stage the venue has yet to name. I’m thinking the El Rey Cielo, but, I don’t know, I guess typing it out right now, I’m feeling it might sound like a place with axe body spray and cool pants and yellow beer and ok. Anyways, this show involved Detroit’s most excellent Protomartyr, and major regional support, which included an increasingly rare and always powerful good performance by Deep Woods, as well as sick slots from Brownsville’s rising post-punks, CUTTERS, and a very young re-freshing rock and roll group, BELTS. Photographer and local media wizard, Gabriel Elizondo, was on hand to thankfully capture the night, and I am like, eternally grateful for this. Elizondo sent over some snaps from the night, which are featured here. Feel free to peruse, and thanks again for making this summer the illest:



GEP_5211 GEP_5213 GEP_5214 GEP_5215 GEP_9852GEP_5220 GEP_9848GEP_5223 GEP_5228 GEP_5229

GEP_9845GEP_9855GEP_5231 DEEP WOODSGEP_5245 GEP_5249 GEP_5251 GEP_5255 GEP_5256 GEP_5264 GEP_9861 GEP_9863 GEP_9864 GEP_9869 GEP_9872 GEP_9876 GEP_9879 GEP_9884 GEP_9894 PROTOMARTYR

GEP_9905 GEP_9906 GEP_9909 GEP_9911 GEP_9913 GEP_9921 GEP_9927 GEP_9929 GEP_9932

GEP_5276 GEP_9936

GEP_5283GEP_9940 GEP_5277GEP_9957GEP_9943 GEP_9948 GEP_9952


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