CONTAINER confirms Metropolis – June 11, 2014

Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, CONTAINER is Ren Schofield, an avid underground artist known for his productions that blend abrasive noise and complex, catatonic inducing techno rhythms. Schofield’s work has been on my radar since discovering his first efforted release in 2012, followed up in 2014 by his incredible EP, Adhesive, a hypnotic, mechanically textured collection that could serve as the soundtrack for an intense rave in the dark underbelly of Blade Runner‘s polluted, industrialized 2019 Los Angeles.

Container will be recreating and re-shaping his sonic masterpieces on  June 11th at the Metropolis side room lounge with none other than grave-wave trio, VIVENT LES MORTS. This is an 18+ show, and is not for the sonically weak. Some of Container’s abrasive, hypnotic productions are below. I recommend playing loudly through home stereo or through headphones on blast:

Experience Vivent Les Morts here.

6.11.14LORESShow details:

Date: June 11, 2014
Venue: Metropolis (side room)
Cost: $7
Ages: 18+

More details coming soon. Thanks for always supporting these deep visions.


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