The Zombies – Meet & Greet pics!

On Saturday, May 3rd, I had the pleasure of hosting the Zombies, a British band known for their hugely influential, yet often overlooked presentation of pop and psychedelia that made big waves in the 1960s, and still, to this day, has continued to ripple amongst contemporary greats alike.  The show was a major success on all realms that resonate on a positive wave length, and one of the best moments, aside from their narrative rich performance, was the moment that was allocated before the show for the VIP Meet & Greet.

Before Cine El Rey’s doors opened, the meet & greet with special fans took place, and I was lucky enough to have had Analog Avenue on board to snap these special moments the fans had with the Zombies two main song writers, Rod Argent (keys) and Colin Blunstone (vocals). *All photos taken during the photoshoot were shot with 35mm film!* Here they are! If you’re on here, feel free to save the pics and share them with friends and family. If you would like the original size (or would like your image removed), please shoot an email to – thanks, and enjoy!

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82600015-2 82600015 82600016-2 82600016 82600017-2 82600017 82600018-2 82600018 82600019-2 82600019 82600020-2 82600020 82600021 82600022 82600023 82600024 82600025-2 82600025 82600026


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