At this moment, on January 27th, 1:45 in the dark A.M,  it’s a sharp 37 degrees outside and it’s raining. Streets are expected to be slicked with a thin layer of ice by sunrise, if that happens, and high-schools, colleges, and businesses across the Rio Grande Valley are canceling work and class to reduce car collisions and to, perhaps, enjoy a warm morning beneath a blanket. It’s a beast in rare form when South Texas experiences such weather. So it feels, well, oddly right to announce such an unexpected, yet resonating artist: Frankie Rose, February 13th at Cine El Rey.

For those unfamiliar with the dreamy, reverb lathered indie-pop of Frankie Rose, please click here for further reading and hasty research. Also, know that not only is Rose’s creative output held to heavenly levels on a critical realm, but her fixture in Brooklyn has also painted her with quite the resume: she is known for downplaying her hugely definitive roles in being in the earliest lineups for Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, and Dum Dum Girls.

Score another brilliant artist of the contemporary realm for South Texas, folks.

We should also have you know that we will be collaborating with our friends in Ouch, My Ego! to color this event with a very fun, rose tinted Valentine’s Day theme – we know – that holiday is God awful. But after finally having landed an artist we’ve been working on, we can’t help but want to celebrate this right, and with our friends in OME and everyone in attendance.

Info like regional support and other fun activities will be announced shorty.


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