GALAX Z FAIR is the premier alternative music & arts festival in South Texas. The vision behind this festival has always been, and will continue to be, about debuting awesome underground artists on the rise, or in some cases, burning through the horizon. With the festival’s home base comfortably anchored in the downtown McAllen TX entertainment district, the 2014 year finds the fest in its third vision. It is with great pleasure, then, to announce the first round of performing artists at GALAX Z FAIR III – happening Monday, March 10th 2014 at Cine El Rey.

TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT GO ON SALE WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1ST, 2014, and will be available online at Ticketing link, more artists, venues,  and details coming very soon. Until then, experience the iceberg tip of our coolest line up yet:

 TOPS (Arbutus Records / Montreal, CA)tops1

TOPS are a dream-pop quartet from Montreal, Quebec, signed to Arbutus Records (home to Grimes, Doldrums, Blue Hawaii). Their first release, Tender Opposites (2012), is a record that glows with synths and intricate, crystalline guitar lines. The album amassed a ton of pent up, frustrated praise throughout 2013 for being one the most ‘widely overlooked records’ of 2012, but that’s not to say that they haven’t garnered the acknowledgment they deserve. This past fall, the band finished up an expansive tour with King Krule, and now has major plans to continue their touring into 2014,  with a stop we’ve all been wating for at Galax Z Fair III this Spring.


Speedy Ortiz (Carpark Records / Northampton, MA)


Guided by the intricate, gratifying guitar work and emotionally purging lyrical prowess of front woman Sadie Dupris, Speedy Ortiz has become one of the most promising young bands in the indie rock circuit. Hailing from Northampton, Massachusetts, the noise and grunge pop four piece recently closed up a major tour supporting 90s alt rock legends, The Breeders, and just confirmed to tour throughout the Spring with Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks! Speedy Ortiz couldn’t be a more apt opening act for these 90s icons, with a musical aesthetic that hints at major inspiration from the likes of the smarter, 90s alternative rockers, while also presenting their guitar driven sound in a darker, heavier, and more tender realm of its own. This spring finds Speedy Ortiz with special dates outside of their support with Stephen Malkmus,  including stops at SXSW and South Texas’s very own alt fest, Galax Z Fair.

Perfect Pussy (Captured Tracks / Syracuse, NY)

Galax Z Fair’s mission of presenting artists on the upward arc couldn’t be more fulfilled than with the confirmation of Syracuse, NY’s Perfect Pussy, a five piece powerhouse  led by frontwoman Meredith Graves. With only a four song tape demo and a slew of strung out live shows loaded with thrashing and floor hugging hysterics, the band has already gained enough momentum to score a promising record deal with Captured Tracks (Mac DeMarco, DIIV, Widowspeak) and a huge tour through Texas this Spring, culminating in a spot at GALAX Z FAIR III – and it couldn’t feel more right.

 BIG UPS (Dead Labour / New York, NY)373775_259279564132149_1863799592_n

A manic, existential trip is wired into an anxious, two-minute post-hardcore jaunt in “Goes Black” by NYC’s BIG UPS. Raking guitars burst into grainy, metallic fervor when they aren’t swelling in unbridled feedback,  sometimes guided, sometimes derailed by frontman Joe Gallaraga’s frustrated, philosophical musings and rants. This jam is a steel cage descriptor for what BIG UPS is capable of. When the stage this band plays is announced, do your best to experience this, but also prepare to have your mind and body bruised the fuck up.

More artists and venues will be announced shortly. If you’d like to partake in some advanced lineup leakage, though, feel free to add GALAXZFAIR on snapchat to receive some pre-announce dirty deets.

We’ll see all of ya’ll very soon.



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