When we announced our October 18th show with New York City grunge punks, Mannequin Pussy, the band’s online music presence was nothing more than a few scattered shards of grainy live youtube videos and fizzy bandcamp album demos for an as yet untitled record. This past weekend, though we were in-boxed some great news: the band has released a handful of excellent, charged up tracks on their bandcamp from their forthcoming album, Gypsy Pervert. Listen to our favorite track, “My Baby”, as well as other rippin’ album tracks on their bandcamp page below:

From what we can tell, the album (which has no release date at the moment) seems to fluctuate between two aesthetics: unforgiving, bruising punk and dream lathered grunge pop.  “Meatslave 2”, for example, is a grunge ballad that balances singer and guitarist Marisa DaBice’s day bright sunny vocals found in the song’s verse with the dreary, haunting chorus lines immersed in its hairy knuckled guitar chords. On the other hand, “Sneaky” jolts opens with a frenzied, wiry guitar line  before ripping down a turbulent power chord verse awash with DaBice’s frantic vocal lines and incredibly freaking cool, on-tempo hyperventilating – a one minute and 43 second manic episode captured on tape that may only be matched on a level of primal, emotional heaving by its sonic counter-half, “Clue Juice”.

We’re not sure when the album will be released, but you can purchase the tracks individually for time being and help support the band as they get ready to trek through the Southwest for their upcoming fall tour, which leads to our…

BEST PART / REMINDER: Mannequin Pussy will be playing McAllen on Friday, October 18th at Thirsty Monkey with Lust-Cats of the Gutters (Burger Records) and the Sad Campers! It’s a $5, 18+ show- one that’s totally going to be a thirller you won’t want to miss!


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