This past year has seen our talent buying endeavors take a major noise dive off the more synth based pop ramp we cruised in 2012 into the unfurled, grungy depths of garage and proto punk, scoring some wild shows with the likes of Destruction Unit, Obn iiis, the majority of this year’s Galax Z Fair line up, and way more.  It’s been hairy, bruising, awesome, and this fall’s lineup indicates that power chug for these type of artists visiting south Texas has no plans of slowing down. There are some audible outliers, though, and they gleam with a refreshing calm amidst this fall’s storm of lofi and punk.

Enter: WIDOWSPEAK, an American band with a rock and roll backbone, an intellect pronounced with angular, reverb kissed guitars  and misty vocals, and a  southern dress that glows in the slow fade of sun setting in the West.

Since signing to the Brooklyn based label, Captured Tracks (home to Mac DeMarco, DIIV, more) in early 2011, Widowspeak has entered into a beautiful, carousel cycle of album and ep releases, initiating an impressive momentum that includes critical lauding by the point keepers at pitchfork, as well as having scored some major slots with big gun festivals like Austin City Limits and CMJ. This fall finds them on a major tour through the south with the living folk legend, Iron & Wine, which includes a handful of off dates in Texas – with one of those dates happening to be on Tuesday, October 8th in McAllen, TX.

Now, for the glowing regional support: it is with a warm pleasure that we may announce the return of one our favorite (and severely missed) dream-rockers, Quiet Kids (led by Andy Pena of Dignan) for this special show. A performance by Quiet Kids is a rare creature these days, so be sure to embrace this opportunity with every ounce of historical scene muscle you have. Here’s an excellent live video of their debut show, taken by Gabriel Elizondo:

Rounding out this lineup will be the beach rock upstarts,  Dandy Heat, which is basically a supergroup featuring members of Jungle Bodies, the Deadend Cadets, and Vagrants. Stream their jams below:

Show Details:

Venue: Simon Sez
Ages: 21+
Cost: $5
Doors: 9pm
Music: 9:30pm



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