Weekly Playlist – 8.12.13


(photo of Ruth of Chromatics, taken July 2012 at Cine El Rey)

This week’s playlist is saturated in crystalline guitar and synth based dreamscapes. One artist we’re glowing over is the L.A. based artist, Drab Majesty. We discovered DM’s music through the Wax Idols page, and, what should come as no surprise considering Wax Idols’ taste, the band sounds like this amazing combination of the Chameleons (also on this mix), Echo & the Bunnymen, and John Maus (also on this mix). Another stellar track is Frankie Rose‘s beautiful new single, “Sorrow” – a track rich with blankets of synth beneath a vibrant, simple, yet subtle, perfect pop guitar line. Skip over the 8tracks player for the complete playlist. Enjoy!

1. Frankie Rose – “Sorrow”
2. Prince Innocence – “Golden Hour”
3. Chromatics – “Looking for Love”
4. Drab Majesty – “Y.K.E.D.A.”
5. Drab Majesty – “Pragmagick”
6. The Chameleons – “Second Skin”
7. John Maus – “Molly”
8. Deathday – “No Future”
9. Christian Death – “Rome’s Distress”
10. Twin Shadow – “Changes” (Bagarre Cover)


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