Weekly Mix / Playlist – 8.5.13


Welcome to Monday, and hopefully you love what you do for a living, or at least love being alive.  This week’s playlist features our eclectic taste, with a heavier focus on some of the artists we’ve had the pleasure of working with, including  California’s unsung garage pop heroes, Colleen Green and Audacity, as well as the unforgivingly handsome Florida based genre anomaly, Merchandise (just announce their show in McAllen TX – November 12!!! See shows tab!).  A personal favorite opens our list, though: the female fronted sweet-tart poppers from Norway, Razika. Play it, share it, enjoy it. We’ll see ya next week!

Track listing:

1. Razika – “Vondt I Hjerdt”
2. Colleen Green – “Goldmine”
3. Audacity – “Subway Girl”
4. White Fang – “Strange Feeling”
5. Vapid – “Die”
6. Lemuria – “Mechanical”
7. Prince Innocence – “To My Right”
8. Terrible Feelings – “Impending Doom”
9. Merchandise – “Time”
10. The Walkmen – “We’ve Been Had”

A Note on the pic: this is a cell phone shot, taken at Galax Z Fair II this past March. Merchandise is playing at Thirsty Monkey to a crowd that had some very cool fans, including the dudes from Cloud Nothings and Mish Way of White Lung.


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