One of our deepest dreams has become a reality: our first ever event at the Historic Echo Hotel in Edinburg, TX – featuring none other than our favorite selectors, the Collective Unconscious, happening September 1st – Labor Day Weekend! Throughout the night, these audio + vibe architects will utilize their choice knack for blending retro and contemporary sound to build up a gradual night of fun at this time capsule.


The Echo (pictured above) has been serving the Rio Grande Valley since 1959, and despite having changed owners over the decades, has done an excellent job of maintaining the building’s original aesthetic and design. We’re talking rooms with  refurbished baby blue carpet, olive colored comforters, pull string lamps, and a cantina with pleather bar chairs,  a waxed wooden dance floor, and glass walls that display the patio’s limestone waterfall. The cantina has become known this past decade to cater to patrons of popular regional music, with a pretty consistent weekend booking of Tejano  and Norteno bands, with the occasional retro rock group. Having the Collective Unconscious on that Labor Day Sunday, then, should be an interesting mix, not only for the typical patrons, but for the crowds we’re used to seeing at our events.

I know I sound like a freakin’ infomercial, but you have to understand that this place really is a time capsule of much simpler times, so the fact that management has agreed to let us of all people host an event there, and then, on top of that, to also have the the retro futurist visions of the Collective Unconscious control the vibes, well, shit, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand why this pairing represents the initiation of a slow, gradual manifestation of a dream come true for the TCU crew and I.

Event details:

DATE: Sunday, September 1, 2013 – Labor Day Weekend
AGES: 18+
1903 S. Closner Blvd
Edinburg TX 78539

I’m always excited to put on events at unique venues and spaces, especially if there’s a great historical narrative behind the building. If all goes well, this should be the gradual start of a new series I’ve been chewing on, tentatively titled ‘Days of the Future Past’ (mainly because i’m lazy creative at the moment), where shows / events take place at venues and spaces with historically unique narratives.

More details on this event, as well as future goals, coming soon.

Thanks for reading.



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