Weekly mix – 7.20.13


Weekenders, welcome to our totally unlawful, second-ever playlist. This week’s online mix-tape presents a more bittersweet bounce, featuring post-punk gyrations of the late, great Fingerprintz, tender, dark wave pop currents by Molly Nilsson, heavenly shoegaze by Florida’s Merchandise, and way more. I’m going to call attention to Elli Ingram’s “Sober”, which is a great r&b pop gem (available for free download here), as well as Los Microwaves’s “What’s That Got To Do”, which is just a great underground, nu-wave jam out of the early 80’s, reminiscent of Spain’s Europa, and the phenomenal early 80’s dance-punk trio, ESG.

Here is the track listing, however do keep in mind that 8tracks has the habit of shuffling the tracks at random. Enjoy, and see ya next week.

1. Fingerprintz – “The Beat Escape”
2. The Aislers Set – “The Way to Market Station”
3. Mac DeMarco – “Freakin’ Out the Neighborhood”
4. Medications – “Seasons”
5. Los Microwaves – “What’s That Got to Do (With Loving You)”
6. TOPS – “Turn Your Love Around”
7. Molly Nilsson – “I Hope You Die”
8. Part Time – “I Wanna Take You Out”
9. Midnight Juggernauts – “Ballad of the War Machine”
10. Elli Ingram – “Sober”
11. Empress Of – “Champagne”
12. Merchandise – “Become What You Are”


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