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I do my best to avoid coloring my online verbage with political leanings, but shit – what isn’t political these days? Everything we do, whether it’s scrolling through filtered, googled search results, to buying (or stealing) music off a plastic Target, to the things we choose to digest (literally or metaphorically) is dictated by political policy. It is a deep, complicated undercurrent that governs the way we live our lives, and yet this flow of things isn’t natural. But rather, it is a movement dictated through elected peoples juggling a world of factors to help shape the norms and policies of what is deemed lawful, abiding, and curiously acceptable. We have the ability to influence the outcomes of how politicians make such crucial tinkerings to the complex mechanical beast of our society, but unfortunately, major things happen, and laws, amendments, and regulations often go passed or thrown down unbeknownst to us, whether it’s due to us intentionally disregarding, ignoring, or failing to seek out these happenings that often only appear as subtly burning embers in the dark corners of the internet.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can choose to learn about these things. Or stop intentionally forgetting. Or stare these things in the eye and do things about them.

One of these things I’m talking about is what’s been happening in Texas, specifically, with regards to the fate of family planning oriented health care centers that receive state funding. A bill that will essentially cripple and potentially shut down these family planning centers located in areas of Texas with high levels of working class / poverty stricken (working class) is currently going to get itself shoved through and passed today during a special legislative session at the Austin state capital. It’s unfortunate, considering how many of the politicians enacting these arguably cheap measures seem to be grossly uninformed about the nature and necessity of these clinics, why they are utilized, and more importantly, who will be effected by these measures. The reality of this situation is the bill will pass. The more resounding, resonating situation, though, is the fact that we live in a historically symbolic culture (what we do, stand for, and how we manifest it, is symbolic); in other words, despite the fact that our ‘voices’ will not block the bill now (or again), it definitely will be heard and represent something much more than a ‘protest’ but a historical symbol and note of change towards the better.
As this is being typed, hundreds, hopefully thousands, of people in orange cloth are gathering at the Austin state capitol to symbolically (or in some cases, literally) say fuck you to the GOP dominated Texas legislation that’s passing the aforementioned anti-abortion bill through. It’s a grand statement, and the best part of it is you do not have to be within the geographic sphere of Austin to Stand with Texas Women.

Today, at 7pm, you are invited to meet at the corner of McColl and Trenton in Edinburg, TX -specifically at the Wells Fargo parking lot – and rally against the anti-choice legislation.
 Some strong people are organizing this event and have articulated the details aptly. I’ll just paste it here:

On July 8, people all over Texas will be rallying against the anti-choice legislation currently being presented during the second special session. This legislation would close both abortion clinics in the Rio Grande Valley, putting an extreme burden on immigrants and families living in poverty. People in the RGV would have to travel to San Antonio or beyond for an abortion. 

The clinics in Mcallen and Harlingen that would close also provide: 
*Abortion pill (RU-486)
*Plan B (emergency contraception)
*Birth control
*FREE pregnancy testing
*Individual and family counseling services
*pap smears
(Feminist Texican, Rand, Martinez).

If you have a facebook, RSVP to the event here:

SOUTH TEXAS, we can contribute. We can participate, we can show the rest of Texas that we too are here, effected, and active.

Do your best to make this event.

It’s not a rock concert, but the very nature of why it is happening is the stuff that should invigorate and activate the very consciousness that fuels our nature to make things that symbolically tear at these mechanisms, whether through song, poetry, or protest, which denominates all.




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