“It looks like they are collectively committing some sort of religious exorcism…” – Jenn Pelly on Destruction Unit’s burning, ethereal live performance at Austin’s Cheer Up Charlie’s this past SXSW.  Pictured below: Destruction Unit playing an illegal bridge show:


^ Destruction Unit ^

presspic copy (1)


South Texas, we are pleased to present: MILK MUSIC (Olympia, WA), with DESTRUCTION UNIT (Tempe, AZ), *Friday*, June 28th at Thirsty Monkey.


This show is expected to be as abrasive as it sounds.
Here’s what to know about Olympia’s Milk Music: they’re amazing. Think of those lush, fuzzed out guitars of Dinosaur Jr, but add a slopped out punk rhythm section and a vocalist who bewitches his vocals with a manic despair. It’s good shit, and landed them Stereogum’s Album of the Week, and a totally keut / tame report card from p4k.

Here’s what to know about Tempe’s Destruction Unit: scroll back up and take a gander at that youtube link. Hit that shit. Now imagine those frantic power chords, tribal chorus chants, and psychedelic, flanger soaked lead guitars swirling upward as you gauge up at the vortex of five dudes mangling themselves and their instruments on that stage. I know! That’s what I saw this past SXSW at that same show Pelly so aptly described, and that’s what you can expect June 28th. Also, if you care about shit like this, know that Jay Reatard (RIP) was a founding shredder member of this group, right before he embarked on his own fateful journey.

South Texas, this is sonic sorcery at its finest.

Doors: 8:30pm
Music: 9:00pm
Cost:  $8 at door
Ages: All Ages

Deep Woods
Jungle Bodies
Destruction Unit
Milk Music (headlining)

Comsic grace between artists provided by:
The Collective Unconscious

RSVP On Facebook HERE.

As always, thanks for reading.


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