*photo by Ileana Garcia-Spitz

Patrons of awesome- we have a treat for you! We are pleased to share some amazing live footage of some of the best performances that went down just one month ago at GALAX Z FAIR II !!! Check out this rad selection of choice live performances by Cloud Nothings, Marnie Stern, the Coathangers, Mac DeMarco, White Lung, Merchandise, Bleached, and Jungle Bodies below! MAJOR SHOT OUT to the talented team of local blood who filmed, polished, and presented these jewels: Gabriel Elizondo, Steven Means, Tiffany Hinkle, William Heinrich, and Mark Moreno! These people are seriously awesome at what they do, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have their talents invested into capturing the rad movement of great music coming down to the valley!

Cloud Nothings: “Wasted Days” @ Cine El Rey

The Coathangers: “Johnny” @ Cine El Rey

Bleached: “Looking for a Fight” @ Cine El Rey

Mac DeMarco: “Cooking Up Something Good” @ Cine El Rey

Marnie Stern: “Nothing is Easy” @ Cine El Rey

White Lung: “St. Dad” @ Thirsty Monkey

Merchandise: “Anxiety’s Door” @ Thirsty Monkey

Jungle Bodies @ Thirsty Monkey

To check out more rad videos by Gabriel Elizondo, go HERE.

Thanks so much to everyone who helps out and contributes to our visions of keeping the valley
kickin’! Keep up with all future events here, and incase you missed the sweet news, we’ve got two freshly announced shows for Spring: The King Khan & BBQ Show w/the Bad Lovers – April 25th at Cine El Rey, and THE THERMALS – June 7th at Thirsty Monkey!



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