We’re looking for writers.


Hey, so tigersblood.org was created back in 2010. Winter. The intent was to provide a site for South Texas (and a small window into South Texas intellect) that had a major focus on music, art, and culture.

That didn’t happen.

This didn’t happen because it evolved into a platform for announcing shows and concerts I was associated with, and eventually became ‘that site’ people checked once in a blue moon for show updates, if at all.

Not gonna lie – I was ok with that. But to be honest and vulnerable, I’m not ok with being ‘ok’. So, basically, I’d like to re-direct the site to its original focus: providing South Texas with a cool site dedicated to pieces and essays on all things related to music (the scene, bands, out of town bands through the south Texas filter), art, and culture.

That being said, I want ya’ll to be a part of it. I need your writing.

If you are interested in writing for tigersblood.org – be it contributing pieces, reviews, interviews, recipes, etc – let me know. I’m all ears if you’re all mind and soul.

jedipretender@gmail.com <—e-mail me here.


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