Speak to me: the Inner Dialogues Dance Party Series


Our favorite architects of cosmic groove, the Collective Unconscious, have taken up a handsome residence at the beautiful Malbec Lounge in downtown McAllen for their weekly patio parties, titled the Inner Dialogues Series. So far, the expansive dj troop, led by Inca Princess and Bonez, has managed to feature a consistently fresh array of guest talent on the weekends, including the impressive, deep dream sounds of Dios Del Ghetto (who we’re keeping our eyes on) and Dj Pebbles.

This Friday will be no exception to T.C.U.’s knack for spilling new blood as EGO Candy’s very own Madam VPN makes her guest feature debut.  VPN’s taste for dark disco should accentuate the Unconsciousness’s colors beautifully, like a handful of purple glitter and broken glass flung into the gaping expanse of the night sky.

Listen to some of VPN’s mixes below:

Listen to the latest track by Bonez below:

Here are all the Details:
Venue: Malbec (formerly Alhambra off 17th St in downtown McAllen)
Date: Friday, March 29th
Time: 9:30pm – 2am
Cost: Free
Ages: 21+

Djs: EGO CANDY’s Madam VPN, Inca Princess, Bonez, and Dj Pebbles

For more info, RSVP to the event via facebook here.


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