Straight to your heart: post-Twin Shadow media

*photo by Elihu Garcia

First off, I’d like to send out a huge wave of thanks to wash over all the awesome people who helped make this event possible. The people who pushed the event, helped out, crammed his music down their friends’ ear lobes and dragged themselves out on an otherwise mundane Monday night- thank you. Twin Shadow making a painfully long drive, despite a logistical nightmare (an overlooked 17 hr drive through the night to meet a show in Alabama the following night) really saturated the band’s decision to make the drive down here with meaning and respect for the fans who were in the know of their decision. He would not have done this or found this show worthwhile had it not been for his fans, which were essentially those who made this event possible. Please see the “At My Heels” video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Equally as important to these fine folk are the people who captured a few of these choice moments, either through the broken glass of a smartphone camera or through the HD cameras of day time pros. On this note, I’d like to send a shout out to Gabriel Elizondo, Steven Means, and Chantal Lesley for capturing some fine music in motion for us. Videos like these help moments like these burn stronger into our history. Please find them below, and be sure to share with friends!


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