Twin Shadow ticket giveaway

Some of our favorite sonic dance crafters, Hopsonic Radio, will be hosting their last funk party of the summer tonight at Molina’s Restaurant in McAllen TX. The Hopsonic dudes have always been supportive of the presentation and aesthetic of music we’ve cultivated in South Texas, so we’re pretty stoked to announce that, in collaboration with them and Ouch! My Ego, we’ll be giving away a ticket to our show with Twin Shadow this coming September at their event tonight.

All you need to do is:
1) Show up.
2) Hold on to your raffle ticket given to you at the door.
3) Be social. Meet people. Dance with them.
4) Wait for the raffle, listen to your name, and celebrate.

The event starts at 9pm, and ends at 2am.
Ladies are free until 11pm
Cover: $3

Listen to Twin Shadow here:

September 17, 2012 at Cine El Rey. If you want to skip the raffle and purchase tickets, you may now purchase them here, via


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