CHROMATICS will open for GLASS CANDY, 7/26/12 @ Cine El Rey

The critically renowned dream-pop act, Chromatics (Italians do it better), will be direct support for Glass Candy on Thursday, July 26th at the Historic Cine El Rey Theatre. This is the first time Chromatics plays the South Texas market. Get your tickets here.

Chromatics (Portland OR) was founded in 2001, and has been a predominantly underground act in the noise-pop scene up until this year, when the band released their album, Kill for Love, which landed them some serious buzz and massive critical praise for capturing a unique and finite presentation of dream-pop. Read their Pitchfork review here, which won them ‘best new music’ treatment.

As with all acts we book, this artist conveys an aesthetic that is unique within the context of other popular touring acts that typically perform in the valley. That being said, we hope the good people of the RGV continue to support the music movement we are pushing, and do their best to make it out to this totally stacked show.


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