We are beyond pleased to announce that the critically acclaimed electronic music duo, GLASS CANDY, will be performing at the Historic Cine El Rey Theatre in McAllen TX on Thursday, July 26 2012. This is by far one of the coolest acts we’ve ever booked, and we’re proud to note this will be the first time the duo presents their polished, synthesized disco pop in the South Texas market. Listen to their latest single here:

Glass Candy is composed of singer, Ida No, and producer, Johnny Jewel. The duo has been performing and evolving into their ‘italo disco’ sound  since 1996. Producer Johnny Jewel is also the mastermind behind Chromatics, and was a key figure behind the score production for one of last year’s most handsomley misunderstood dramas, Drive.

Ticketing info and details will be coming very soon. Until then, please spread the word about what’s looking to be the summer’s healthiest dance party.


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