Lambda / Empty Orchestras / Quiet Kids / Data Bend = an mp3 bath

This morning I was surprised to stumble upon, at the top of my morning facebook feed, a status update from a young show goer regarding the local music scene. He was asking his friends why ‘there weren’t enough good local bands in the Rio Grande Valley’.

After wincing at the knuckle headed comments, I lifted my hand up to my face and gently rested my right cheekbone on my palm.

Alas, young show goer bro, your knowledge of what you thought was the local music scene ends -and begins- here. See, in what seems like impeccable timing, four  regional musicians independently posted new recordings of their music at various times throughout the day. I was blown away four times over, and decided to gather the tinkerings of these four dudes and share it in a post for everyone, including you, young padawan show goer bro.

Here they are.





Another coincidence to note is all tracks listed may be considered ‘bedroom projects’. Or dorm room, whatever.

Lambda | Ben Vera | Brownsville, TX.
Empty Orchestras | Rob Godinez (Young Maths) | Mission, TX.
Quiet Kids | Andy Pena (Dignan) | McAllen, TX.
Data-Bend | Raul Altamirano (White Zebra) | Brownsville, TX.

There you have it: 4 fine examples of tunage shaking the very soil of the Rio Grande Valley. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Catch Empty Orchestras on Tuesday, December 6th at Simon Sez with Natural Child.


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