“And what I don’t consume…you shall not consume
For every ‘effin hipster’ in the scene belonging to me
As good…belongs to you.”

-Alt Whitman*

Dearest young scene,

I am writing to inform you of the rare privilege we have been granted.

The ‘other guy‘ who helps me throw these shows has informed me that the NOBUNNY @ SIMON SEZ show is now ‘all ages’. – Just got off the phone with the owner of Simon Sez. Show is 18+ only. Sorry kiddos. Will make it up to you, promise.

This is grand. But I must prompt this with a cautionary note: DON’T SCREW IT UP, via doing this:

*In other words, we’re a tight nit group that needs to look out for one another, and our actions, to ensure that we keep this ‘scene’ alive. Let’s keep it like that. The owners of the venue are extremely supportive of the scene and want to see this work out. Please make this easier on everyone by being cool and not attempting to sneak in drinks – don’t even try this. I am confident most of ya’ll are better than that. Seriously.

Aside, I love you. Let’s have a great time.



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