Here are some new shows that my elusive and totally controversial partner, Galax Z Bear, and I, are investing are time and energy into. Please do your best to make it out to these.

Saturday, October 1st at Simon Sez:


Place: Simon Sez
Time: doors at 9pm / music at 10
Age limit: 21+
Cost: $3


Comfort Bandits :: 10:30 – 11pm
The Young Maths :: 11:15 – 11:45pm
Dignan :: 12 – 1am

Event description:

Understand that this show features some of the Rio Grande Valley’s most talented and hard working bands in the area and deserves your attendance.

Dignan is an excellent independent rock band from McAllen TX. They’ve done, been featured on Paste Magazine, and performed at official showscases for both CMJ and SXSW. No other band within the geographic context of the Rio Grande Valley has toured  as extensively and as hard as they have in recent times. It is always an honor to put on a show with these guys.

The Young Maths have  recently attained a steady amount of ‘buzz‘ on the internet, which could mean good and or terrible things for an independent act in these ‘times’. They wrote and released a record recently, titled ERRORRS, that got excellent reviews and mixed reviews – something anticipated and welcomed on the band’s behalf. They may or may not be pumped about playing at Simon Sez.

Comfort Bandits are new. Seriously – Saturday will be the first time they play a show in McAllen TX. Like, officially. But that may or may not be official. Regardless, what’s important is the promise and potential behind their lineup: Jeff Smith of the capricious and brilliant Jeff the Smith is fronting vocals for the group, and if you’ve ever heard his solo stuff then you know this will be interesting to finally see him placed within the context of a full band.

There will also be $2 PBR’s at this show, which may also be good or terrible.



Tuesday, November 22nd at Simon Sez


Place: Simon Sez
Time: doors at 9pm / music at 10
Age limit: 21+
Cost: $3

Event description:

The Rocketboys made their McAllen TX debut several years ago when they performed at an Enthos show at the now defunct (venue wise) McAllen Creative Incubator. They turned heads with their indie-pop and folk aesthetic, which is a blend that only in recent times has begun to gain attention within the ‘valley’ context. Silly, right dude? Anyways, they’re good and talented and are going to play so well that for once the smoke will clear and you’ll be able to breathe inside the walls of the smokey Simon Sez. More details regarding local support tba.


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