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Ok, SOOOOO, If you’re interested in nabbing a pair of FREE tickets to the Miniature Tigers show going on tonight at Cine El Rey, then please do the following:

Simply leave me a comment (on here, on this blog post) describing your first experience at a ‘local show’. What do I mean by local show? I mean, it had to involve a local ORIGINAL band. That’s it. It could be about the time you saw Jungle Bodies play with Julianna Barwick and was totally bored or perplexed. Or it could be about that time you ‘lost your show cherry’ to CREED at the Mercedes livestock show grounds like, a decade ago.

Write about whatever – house shows, some bizarre 8bit performance, a Trenton Point show, – as long as it was ‘your first’. Just describe it. Be visual. Sensual. I wanna hear everything, see everything, smell the body odor, taste the cheap beer, feel the rim of the stripes cup you snuck it in with, nibbled on and everything.

Best story / experience writer wins a pair of tickets to the show.

Be sure to include an e-mail address in your comment. That is how I will reach out to you in the event that you win.

Now, go. Comment! Express yourself! You have until 3pm!




  1. It was at smiley’s bar-room in Harlingen, TX. I was still in middle school and I remember a powermetal band called “omega” played. I don’t remember any of the other bands, but I remember them doing a lot of interviews, and getting tons of coverage from whatever the music scene was like back in 03/04. I’ve seen larger concerts before when I was younger but I believe this was one of my first all locals show.

  2. I’am not saying this story to win.,just because i want to share.My first local show was with a band called The December drive. At Trenton Point.I had heard a few songs from their demo which only had like rough demos from this side you’ve never seen etc…the audio wasn’t as great ,but i couldn’t get enough.First played a bunch of local bands.Brown descendants,rob is 3 5Th robot,Gallows holier than the cross.The teenage film stars and the blood orange.Then charlie Daniels death wish…Donner was crazy and was swinging his bass up in the air.Then after .TDD played next.They only played like 4 or 5 songs.But their set was so impressive i just didn’t have enough.It was only 4 guys but their songs were so raw but grounded.After the show my ears kept ringing.Must have lost some hair follicles inside there.My music life was never the same after.Changed my music taste forever.Started going to local shows more.Hearing newer underground bands,stuff the radio would never play or care about.I really miss those ‘ol good ‘ol days. Those were my days.

  3. I realized almost instantly after attempting to recall my first local show that I have created an immense memory web for myself which makes facts, solids, context, timing, you name it…murky.

    After playing hundreds of shows and attending a whole lot more, it’s easier to find groupings of memories rather than a single event because quite frankly I was young and feeling lost in new surroundings, experiences, people, and music. It doesn’t really matter what the relative truth is. What matters is that there was in fact a beginning whether I remember the experience correctly or not, and I can recall the first feeling that I was at a local show. That’s about the best we’re gonna get.

    I grew up in Harlingen but I went to the Science Academy of South Texas in Mercedes, so I had friends from all over the valley. The only local shows I ever heard about or saw flyers for were in McAllen, so it was always an event making the trip up with my friends. I cannot recall, no matter how many directions I approach it, whether I went to my first local show to watch Epicure or .thedecember Drive. I’m going to guess it was .thedecember Drive. They were the same people, just different bands from very slightly different times. This would be very late 2000 – 2001.

    It was at Trenton Point and I was wearing my Grandfather’s flat cap, a white shirt, some vans, and jeans. This was the first and last show I ever wore that cap to. No special reason for that, but it appears to be an important detail in my memory. I was just starting to wear the glasses I was supposed to wear and I was feeling self conscious about how I looked. Walking from the parked van to the front of the building to pay the entrance fee was interesting. I recognized a couple of people from Med High and maybe one or two younger kids from Sci Tech, but I didn’t know anyone well enough to say hi. There were some punks or Oi Boys or skinheads or whatever the hell they wanted to be called hanging out smoking and talking and looking generally pissed off. I remember thinking I should be a little bit careful because I was receiving eyes from a lot of them and I wasn’t sure if these shows had a lot of new people coming to them or not. I was quite a bit smaller back then as well.

    We paid the fee and made our way to the back of the poorly lit building. There were a lot of chairs that were piled up in the back and the ground was filthy. Really fucking filthy. This is a detail that I don’t recall ever changing at any Trenton Point show. I felt the urge to lay down on my back. So I did.

    The ground felt crunchy with all the dust and dirt. I looked up at the ceiling as I listened to the guys get the P.A. set up while whatever band it was that was starting was getting their gear ready. I believe there were a few lights near the stage area and I recall seeing a lot of people walk by me as I stared upward.

    That moment in time was important to me and for me. Everything felt new to me at that point. The smell of old spilled beer and musty air mixed with being surrounded by a large mix of people in a town I had been in only a handful of times with my parents was overwhelming. It was the beginning of a path for me. Ten years later I’m barely beginning to have an idea of what that moment helped me to become.

    I wanted to be “here” for a long time. I wanted so many more of these “here” moments. It was correct for me and I wanted to be a part of it, not just an observer. That was the moment I knew it for sure. I had already been playing music for couple of years but we hadn’t played any real shows. I remember thinking to myself, ‘soon…I’ll work my ass off and SOON I’ll be ready to play a show here. Soon I’ll be good enough and we’ll see what happens from there.’

    When the first band started playing I got up and went into the crowd to watch. A lot of people seemed to know the words to whatever shitty song was being performed and I was amazed that even the people who looked like they were trying their hardest to look like a complete badass were singing and dancing and letting themselves be present for what was going on. It was a growing experience for me. It solidified my new found conviction.

    I wanted these people to sing my songs. I wanted to play. So. Badly.

    A mosh pit formed and I partook. It was fun, and scary, and my first.

    The band finished and the crowd scattered again.

    I went outside and it was shocking how bright it was outside the building. I remember thinking that I wanted to make some friends, so I hung out with my friends I came with and smiled at a few people that were all hanging out in groups. I received a few squinted eyes for my efforts so I thought to myself, ‘there will come a time that they know me because of what I make. Who gives a shit if they want to know me now. They’ll want to be my friend soon enough. I’ll work hard.’

    We went back inside and waited for the next band to start. I’m fairly confident Inkbag was one of the other bands playing that show. I remember loud. Very loud and incoherent. It was a fun experience but I was ready to hear .thedecember Drive.

    When the guys from .thedecember Drive showed up I said hi to them all, but I only remember Jason Stoll looking really happy to see me. The other guys looked like they were really focused in on what they were going to do in the show.

    They were my friends from school and as they set up and I was excited for them. I couldn’t wait for them to play to show the people around them what they were capable of. The music was so different from everything else being played at that show that I didn’t know how they would be received. It wasn’t their first show but it was my first time being able to see how people would react to them. I remember some of the punks yelling shit out at them while the gear was set up and I wanted to yell for them to shut their fucking faces. I could have been stomped but I saw how the guys from .thedecember Drive were handling it. With smiles. It was like they were saying, ‘Yeah, yeah. Keep talking your crap. We’re about to do something great here.’

    And they did. They were great. I knew then that I didn’t know how, but I would play in a band with them. And I did. It was great.

    I loved the show. I loved the music. I loved the environment. I loved how the crowd reacted to the bands. I loved how the bands reacted to the crowd. I loved it all. The heat and sweat from my peers in the audience was gross and also valuable to the experience. I’m pretty sure some dude got his ass kicked by a large group of punks outside that night also. That was kinda messed up.

    Different times, man. That was a time where there would be almost no way a band like Miniature Tigers would be brought down to play. It’s nice to see how there is an environment for bands like them now. It’s really nice, actually. I hope people who come to the shows now feel like they are in an environment that allows them to have an experience that allows them to feel inspired the way I was. There’s no way for me to know now since my show cherry was popped on a dirty floor inside Trenton Point when I was a teenager.

    I’ll never be clean again.

  4. it was 2 summers ago when miniature tigers had come down and i had been invited to go by the one of the pickled ducks’ band member’s sister. i had gone just to be with her and not for the music itself, and now i feel lame for doing that, but after seeing arrgh drey play, i thought ‘hey that was pretty cool, i’ve never seen a band like this’. once they mean us took the stage, i knew they would be amazing since they had a cello and more members, and i was right. i was mesmerized by how well the cello synced in with the rest of the band and i loved the drummer, since at the time, i was starting to get into jamming out on drums like that. during the performance, we went up to the balcony and i bumped into rick schaier but didn’t realize it 😦 once we got to the balcony, Charlie was up there and we got to talk to him for bit until he left, i guess to get ready and stuff. mt had just got on the stage and as i was walking down the stairs, i had to leave, so i didn’t really get to see them 😦 so yeah, it wasn’t that great, but it was my first show, so i guess it was pretty great.

  5. I saw my cousin’s old band called “Calling Operator.” The show took place at some beat up bar called Chapas at downtown Brownsville. All I remember is being underage with crosses over my hands, eye-fucking beer, and smelling cigarette smoke and hooker in the air.

  6. My recollection of my first show isn’t going to be very detail-oriented nor is it going to be very accurate because I have the worst memory, but I’ll do my best:

    I’m pretty good friends with the Counterparts. I knew them all before they were the Counterparts. And so my first local show experience was also their first local show experience. This was just as I’d graduated high school. I ventured out of my cocoon (I’m not very sociable a person, and I hate, hate, hate crowds) for the first time to attend a show my friends were playing.

    I had never heard of the place this show was taking place, Galeria 409, but I still did my best to show up in support of my friends. Of course, being someone as shit with directions as I am, I got lost downtown looking for the place. It’s silly to think of it now because it’s one of the easiest venues to get to from my place, not ten minutes away, but my first time downtown after-hours I was sure I was going to get murdered. Which, again, is really stupid when you think about it because c’mon.

    Still, I managed to fuck up the getting to there aspect. I ended up parking a few blocks away. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just call a friend for directions it’s because I didn’t have a phone at this time due to some reason or another. I don’t remember why.

    Eventually I happened upon a really tall homeless man who, after asking me for some change while I stood there looking up at him, asked me if I was lost. Told him I was and where I was going. Fortunately he knew where I meant and I was actually like a street over. So, I get there, and I see a little crowd of kids sitting outside the Galeria. I remember feeling like an utter moron for missing the gaggle of kids sitting on the side of the road. But, there you have it. I was an idiot.

    So, I get there: I can’t exactly recall who else was playing that night, but I remember they were mostly Brownsville-based bands with, I think, Dignan headlining. I have this creeping suspicion, but I couldn’t for the life of me confirm this, that this was a show put on by Goodbar,; of course, that might just be pulling facts out of my ass. I digress.

    It was fun. I’d never been to a proper “show” before. I’ve always enjoyed finding and listening to music, but I’d never been to a show. The only bands I knew in Brownsville were metal bands. I didn’t know there was any other sort of “scene” happening down here. It opened my eyes to that. The bands that night weren’t amazing (yet), but I enjoyed Dignan. I became a fan. It was nice being around people just listening to music. Since then, I go to as many shows as I can because nothing

    There’s a show almost every weekend there now.

    Which is pretty awesome.

    But that was my first time going there.

    It was pretty awesome.

  7. Ha! It’s funny you mention it because I TOTALLY lost my first show cherry to Creed at the Mercedes Show grounds. My bf and I were really young and it was back when NO bands ever came to the valley. Creed was it for us. I wasn’t a HUGE creed fan but at the time they were pretty big and I did like some of their music. We got the tickets last minute, scalped from my bf’s brother’s friend at a total bargain. So we showed up just as Creed was going on stage and the weather was not co-operating. It was cold and there was an on and off drizzle. I remember just being AMAZED at how many people were there. It was such a testament to how STARVED valley people were for live shows. It seemed that no matter what band was playing back then you went to go see them just because there weren’t any other shows to see. We walked up to the crowd and just sort of hung out at the back for a while, getting the general feel for the whole ordeal, it was our first show and we knew no “show ettiquette” whatsoever. That’s probably why after the first song we started yelling and trying to get people around us to start pushing forward. Elbows were flying, people were falling in the mud, it was madness. We ended up pretty close to the stage. Eventually I lost interest in the band, but still it was a good night, good memory.

  8. first local show eva was to see down n out + yoink + a band whose name i forget…
    trenton point smelled like pot, booze, n vomit as fresh-faced girls opened car doors to throw up miller highlife on the parking lot. i was wearing inappropriate slut-lyfe alt clothing n lookin like a lusty flower as i was trying to pass for 18… i got in only to get kicked out for sneaking booze in my bag and enjoyed the night’s set on the curb of the sidewalk with a bunch of brazen punks who were too broke for cover. Also, theres a good chance that my night may end up that way tonight… if i dont win tickets. just sayin.

  9. Went to the show at Cine El Rey and got to Interview the Miniature Tigers after the show they are a lovely band would love to see them again some day, I’m Really glad I was able to hear some of there jams as well being able to speak with the front man Charlie Brand about his Experience in the Rio Grande Valley and what it is that keeps them coming back every time, if you like you can email me or add me on Facebook to see where you can find the Interview I had with the band before they went up to play at the Festival ACL in Austin. Was lucky enough to catch a bite to eat with the Indie Dance Pop Group at the local Burger Joint What-a-burger there so freaking cool and a fan for life.

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