So, it’s happening: a night of relevant music at a dive bar, courtesy of a handful of our local scene’s snootiest music connoisseurs and their iPods. The as predicted ‘controversial’ night is going down on Thursday, August 4th at McAllen’s very own Simon Sez. It’s a 21 and up show that’s totally free. Oh, and before I forget: another huge perk of this event is that, for the first time ever, Simon Sez will be serving Pabst Blue Ribbon for only $2!!! Finally.

Local iPod djs include Outwithme, Pony Gun Mix Tape Club, B I U T I F U L, The Dean Machine, Address, the elusive Galax Z Bear, and yours truly to name a handful.

RSVP to the event here.

Here is the flyer:

Should be a fun event.

Also, apologies for the lack of updates on this thing. I’ve been on tour for the past month with The Young Maths and have had difficulty finding the free time to sit at a computer at length, much less compose my thoughts.

Hope all has been well. See everyone back home on Thursday ❤



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