Here we go.

One of the more unique aspects about the scene I am apart of is its constant state of growth and hunger. Demographically, it is growing – there is an increasingly larger and larger turn out at events featuring artists of the touring, independent persuasion. However the consistency for these type of shows, which is hardly ever consistent, provides a unique depravity for many, for the scene.  The unique geographical context of McAllen TX may be what fuels this – the hunger for talent, the hunger for apt presentation, the demand for quality touring artists that, on the regular, turn down or simply over look our market simply because it is not a plausibly efficient trip to make considering their tour routing. It sucks, but in turn it increases the demand, which within our cultural context, can breed some really neat happenings.

Every once in a while, for example, we’re able to get some gems down here. And when one of these gems is presented, not only do people come out in droves to experience the spectacle, but others, the behind the scenes type, come out with a desire to help capture, polish, and preserve the memory. People who I feel have been integral to sculpting out some of these memories of outstanding and crucial post-show presentation of many of these events have been Gabriel Elizondo, Andres Sanchez, Trae Valdez, Steven Means, Cristal Yvette Cunningham, Eric Vasquez, and Bert Guerra. (miss u, Luci Lopez / Lilli Lopez / Victor Ituarte <3!)

Last Tuesday, Gabriel, Steven, Eric, Andres, and Bert did just this: they worked together to capture a Twin Sister’s first performance in McAllen TX at the historic Cine El Rey Theatre.

find their captivating performance of “Lady Daydream” here:

These guys do this on a fuel of passion, which is a rare thing these days. Special thanks to everyone involved for providing this little gem. This was personally my favorite Twin Sister performance of the night.

For more rad videos, check out Gabriel’s youtube channel here.


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