Dignan returns to play their first all-ages show in the McAllen area in what seems like forever. Annnnnd it gets better- joining will be The Rocket Boys (Austin, TX), Arrgh!Drey, and Vulpes.

Here is a quote about how awesome Dignan is, via The Monitor:

“Dignan has done the McAllen music scene proud in recent years, touring across the country and winning a national fan base. In fact, this McAllen show is just a stop on yet another tour for the group. Dignan is currently playing throughout Texas with The Rocket Boys” (The Monitor).

Doors: 7pm
Show: 7:30
Admission: $6.
(in order from first to headline):
-VULPES (7:30)
-ARRGH! DREY (8:00)
-DIGNAN (9:15)*
*there will more than likely be a delay.


The McAllen Creative Incubator is located on the corner of S. 16th st and Jackson Ave in McAllen TX. If you’re coming off the expressway, Exit 10th st, then head north until you hit Jackson Ave. There will be a Taco Palenque on the corner- yumm. Turn left and head west on Jacskon Ave. You will pass a cemetery on your left. Keep driving and the Incubator will be on the corner of 16th and Jackson. It is a large, remodeled school building that was formerly an STC campus. Can’t miss it!

The Perks of enjoying the show:

-A FREE PHOTO BOOTH will be provided by Cristal Clear Photography!
-A free sampling
of Dry Soda + Tito’s Vodka will be provided for paid attendees over 21+ years in age.

This is going to be a great show; let’s make this beautiful.

Brought to ya’ll by:

me, aka tigersblood.org / tigersblood.net
Galax Z Bear <– add this nice young bear on facebook. he’s not me.
Dignan <– darling, handsome, awesome.

check out the talent here:

❤ to the millionth degree !!!

– / / /


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